Breaking the chains that binds us to the past: Traditions, customs,habits, rituals all irrelevant to our present understanding of the true Christian gospel, the doctrine of Jesus Christ and not of “reformers”. Jesus in His ministry on earth according to the gospel had several controversies with the religious leaders of His day, the Jewish religious leaders that is. The main reason they persecuted him, because he spoke against the onerous burden those religious leaders placed on their followers. Jesus pointed out how they themselves violated their own doctrines, but imposed strict rules on the faithful followers of Judaism. Jesus sought to liberate his people from the impositions of those religious leaders and for his activism y was persecuted and condemned to die on a cross. We in these days, in this era, over 2000 years since Jesus was on this earth, the followers of Jesus Christ is going through similar experiences, of certain requirements to be included in religious practices, in the various Christian churches. Religious leaders have established a series of rituals, ordinances, rules and requirements to be a recognized member of their denomination. Those conditions, those requirements have become a burden on the congregations, and the young are turning away because they do not see the relevance nor justification for those practices. The responsibility for rescuing the Christian church lies with the new enlighten and progressive progressive leaders of the Christian churches or rather church, because there is really only one church established by the apostles in different geographical locations, in different cultural environment. Jesus Christ stated when asked, which is the greatest commandment, He replied: Love God above all others and your neighbor as yourself, that sums up the ten commandments and all other Judaic laws. Jesus Christ also stated that upon His departure He will send the Holy Spirit of the Father-God to be with us, to comfort us, to guide us into all truth. Therefore my dear brethren of the faith, be not be deceived, have faith in the words of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is in the world and all we need to do is ask for the Holy Spirit to take control of our life, to redeem us, to guide us, to comfort us and accept us in His kingdom, which is not of this world.

My dear brethren, I exhort you to be reasonable, to reason, think through all concepts and theories presented to you, and submit to the Holy Spirit for guidance, to guide you into all truth, as promised. We in the Americas and Africa, the religious teachings of the European church were imposed, the catholic church headquartered in Rome, Italy and others from Europe. The Roman Catholic Church became the most outstanding promoter of christianity, their version of christianity. If you will remember that for a couple of centuries the Jews were persecuted because they were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus, the ¨Messiah¨. It is only in recent times that the catholic church absolved the Jews of the crucifixion and reconciled with that ethnic group, from which Jesus came. Jesus was born and grew up a Jew, and I venture to say He also died a Jew. God chose the Jewish people because they had arrived to a true concept of the Creator God, Jehovah. It was fitting then that they would have been chosen to be the conduit for the Messiah. But Jesus Himself denounced their blasphemy, they used their religious status to control the Jewish people and discriminate against all other people, other people who were also to become children of the Most High God through the teaching and the sacrifice Jesus Christ. The Jews ascribed to themselves superior status with God over all other people, all other of God´s people, His creatures. Jesus acknowledge that all other human beings were eligible to become God´s children, through the spirit. Through the Love of the Father Creator for His creation. Jesus came to show us the way, the truth and the life of the children of God.

Have you ever had a conversation with a Jew, a Rabbi, the religious leader of the Jews? Do you know what their perception of Jesus Christ is, really? They do not accept Him as their Messiah, they are still waiting on their Messiah who will restore them into prominence in the world and restore them to ¨their¨ Jerusalem, the land of Israel. That is their perception, they remain a privilege people above all others. Granted that perception have helped them, motivated them to excel in many fields, foremost is the field of finance, science and law; they control a lot of wealth, disproportionate of other ethnic groups. Now you understand why so many act and behave as if they are entitle to all privileges anywhere they go, possible the reason for their persecution, they stand out and are self centered. Though they have had very humanistic Jews down through history. The most militant are the group of Jews identified as Zionists, they are very aggressive and selfish. They infiltrate many governments to achieve their goals of dominance in any society they happen to be in, reason for locals to resent them, because of their clannishness and impositions based on the assumption they are superior and privileged. I do not believe nor practice generalization when referring to individuals, they have to demonstrate who they are to me, though I may have my suspicion based on my perception of their behavior.
J.J. Estemac
Panama City, Panama

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