Christian Spirituality

Christian spirituality is define as the experience of those persons who recognizes that there is a Creator of this universe, who is a spiritual being, self authored, without a beginning and without an end. Us human beings are creatures of the Creator, with our spirit contained in a mortal physical body that eventually will be discarded, setting our spirit free of the physical containment. I refer to Christian spirituality: the belief and practice of the presence of God our Creator in our daily lives. We communicate with the divine, God, by prayers and meditations. I called it Christian because it is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, the prophet of God, who refers to God as the Father, and he instructed us, believers, to acknowledge God, our Creator, our Father and to love Him above all others, as we love our fellow humans as we love ourselves. That is the summary of our responsibility as loyal children of God.

When we recognize and love God, our Creator supremely we will be in tune with God and His creation and when we love our fellow human beings as ourselves, we would do nothing to harm others and we would not do anything that would harm ourselves. That is the whole summary of our responsibility in this life. Those of us who recognize this concept and follow the precept, will be continually blessed. There have been those who have sabotaged Jesus Christ’s simple message and converted it into a scheme to control the people through religious myths and practices. Jesus’s followers after his death and departure followed a very simple pattern of collectivity, and simple practices of meeting to pray and worship the Creator, together, no bunch of rituals nor images of any kind, just communicating with the Creator God through prayers and meditations. They practiced the “presence of God” in their daily lives; this was true until this simple practice was highjacked and converted into the religion we see today, where politics and religion merged, one being used to strengthen the other, and vice versa depending on the era of human history, primarily in the western world.

We now recognize that the simple message of Jesus Christ having been highjacked, needs to be restored to the basic root concept, the simple recognition of the supremacy of God, the Creator and us human, His creatures who worships Him in spirit and in truth, we practice the basic precept of loving God and fellow human beings; assuming the stewardship over God’s creation. Within that precept based on the concept of the paternal relationship between the Creator and His human creatures rooted in divine LOVE, that transcends all barriers in human relations. We are rational beings, so created by the Creator God, which allows us to reason; by our intellect we can communicate with God, the source of all knowledge, and be directed, if we are in tune with God. Fanaticism is a sin, because it goes against the Creator’s intention for us humans to relate to Him(…”come let us reason together, said the Lord.”). We are expected to use our intellect in all our activities, in our relations with each other and our interaction with nature, our environment.

I do hereby invite all who are seeking a real experience with God our Creator, to shed all all those religious practices, rites and traditions that are meaningless to you and engage in the basic relations with God the Creator, by prayer and meditation, whether we use physical activities to assist our spiritual activity such as yoga or other practices, it is suppose to be a personal relationship, between the creature and the Creator. Remembering we should worship God in the spirit and with true conviction of His divine supremacy, expressing our love by obedience to God’s instruction by way of His Holy Spirit impression on our heart and mind. We need no intermediary, if we believe in Jesus Christ teachings, we have direct access to the Father through the Son’s teaching. I am not a step child of God the Father but a direct offspring of God the Father, as pronounced by Jesus Christ. I have all the rights and privileges of a child of God, direct access to the Father God. We need no intermediary. Teachers, preachers expound messages usually inspired by the scriptures, some comes from the Father, many comes from the preacher themselves, for their own gratification and profit(benefits).

All who are seeking a meaningful religious experience take heed to the message herein and experience a unique encounter of direct communication with the Father(through prayer and meditation). To me an ideal collective worship of God our Father can be a gathering of several individuals who share the same intentions and convictions concerning the spiritual presence of God; in the gathering we the need to simplify the communication. The individual experience in the collective worship exercise would be foremost. The location would be void of all religious images of any kind, just a plain natural environment that allows for tranquility, conducive for the prayer and meditation session; thereafter exchange of testimonies of experiences of individuals to affirm their collective experiences with their individual relations with the Creator God. Music could be part of the experience, which could include instrumental and voice, practices. The simpler the session the better the focus on the presence of the Holy Spirit of God, without distraction, with a prudent duration period for the collective session of worship. Religious worship does not need to be complicated but rather simple for all to understand and participate, each with their individual personalities. Individual worship is the most desirable and highest form of worship. The session could include testimonies, maybe dissertation by a leader, minister, prepared for the occasion from a timely message from the divine Source, the Holy Spirit of God the Creator, Father.

Panama city, Panama

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