Faith in Inaction

I failed to understand why so many people, including the clergy, they claim to be serving an awesome God, but when it come to doing His work, serving Him, they skimpier, they put out their minimum efforts. Give minimum time to service in His name. They concentrate in small projects in His name, their place of worship is always in need of repair and they skimpier to decide to invest time and money doing repairs. Many after so many years in their residence they seek to modernize it, upgrade it, especially if they come across some extra money, but their place of worship remains in need of repairs, not to say upgrading in their facilities, but no, there is no time, no money for repairs, when their is money, they spend months even years deciding if and when the repairs and or upgrade will be done.

I personally know of a church property that was damage by a vehicle accident, that is over three months and the property remains unrepaired. Those in charge see no urgency in doing the repair, in spite of the poor image of the damage church property presents to the public, not to say the membership. The property managers, in my humble view, need not for the insurance settlement, since I consider the repairs to be urgent not only for the aesthetic of the property but also the safety of the inhabitants and pedestrians. But those same people consider themselves faithful servants of God(??) I question that assumption.

When people say they serve a awesome God, that they love Him and are committed to serving Him, but they fail to put their ¨faith ¨ into action, and do big things for the awesome God they claim to serve(??) Where is the proof of their diligence in serving the awesome God, the almighty Creator, Father of mankind? People find time and money to fix their personal properties, but fail to keep their temple of worship in the best of condition they are capable of providing, really showing their love, their faith in the Almighty God they claim to serve. What an evidence to indite them for failing to faithfully and diligently serve God, and protect the temple dedicated to worship Him. I know it is up to their conscience to do the right thing but it is a very bad example for the youth such bad stewardship. Some people will have to answer to the Lord for their failing to be diligent stewards of His temple.

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