It is time we of the Americas begin to consider and formulate our own theology and shed the teachings imposed on us by the slave masters and colonizers of our ancestors in Africa and in the Diaspora. The Old Testament of the ¨Cristian religion, is not to be included as part of the true Christian doctrine. If you would remember reading in the gospel that Jesus was born a Jew, but as he grew, as he matured, he began showing the errors of the Jewish religious leaders of his day, he was in controversy with them from very young whenever he visited their temple. That was the reason they promoted his crucifixion. That was his break from the Jewish religion in which he was born. When asked which is the greatest commandment, his answer was, according to the gospel: ¨Love God above all others and your neighbor as yourself¨. That covers the whole 10 commandments. When we love God above all other, we put God first in our lives, and when we love our fellow humans we would not do anything to hurt them nor would we hurt ourselves. If we love God, we would worship God in spirit and in truth and obey His Holy Spirit. That is the full extent of Jesus Christ message, His teachings, the Christian doctrine to which I subscribe. I invite all who sincerely seek to please God and obtain salvation through Jesus Christ to shed all those unnecessary traditions, rites and customs, liberate yourselves and subscribe to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God par excellence. Be free from all those unnecessary religious trappings and worship God only in spirit and in truth, freely without any intermediary, direct to our Father God, our Creator. All that theology of the Old Testament belongs to the Jews not to Christians. The Jews promoted the crucifixion of Jesus because he denounced their religious impositions on the Jewish people and he promoted their freedom from those religious impositions of the religious leaders of his day, which was different to what Jesus taught, the will of God.

I encourage you all who have questions about the religious practices and teachings of the christian churches today in the former colonies of the european powers to take time and study the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, that will help you shed all those unnecessary impositions of the churches hierarchy. Seek to be free in Christ, and develop and strengthen your spiritual life. Jesus Christ promise the Comforter, the Holy Spirit of God will be with us until the end of time, our time.
Bro. Jorestemac
Miami, Florida-USA

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