The Sociological Situation Throughout the World

I have been observing what I would classify as a sociological phenomenon throughout the world, particular in the western world. There is an imbalance between the genders, there are more females than males in the general population. Culturally and biologically there are problems caused by the imbalance between the genders. In the West due to some cultural changes imposed by some religious precepts they promoted monogamy, but some religions permits polygamy, christianity which has been the predominant religion in the West prohibited polygamy. But that religious prescription is proving to be untenable in the modern world where the role of the female has been changing and has changed in many societies. There have been a movement in Western countries to accept and promote gender equality, that females have equal rights to males by law, though in practice that aspiration or prescription has not been fully achieved. There is a cultural disconnect in the practical terms, where in many monogamous societies where the parents choose the mate for their children, that practice is waning and the children are opting to choose their own mate more and more, due to a generational and cultural clash, a conflict. But my main concern is the imbalance world wide between the genders, there is more and more females in many than males. Women who want to raise a family are finding it difficult to find a permanent mate because of the imbalance in the number between the female population and the male. This is a challenge for parents and the religious and cultural leaders in the world, particularly in the western christian culture. As women gain more parity with men in society, they are more independent minded and seek to make their own decision based on their personal preferences of lifestyle due to their economic independence. However the religious and other cultural leaders have not brought themselves to the point of adequately addressing that problem forthrightly, therefore there is a lot confusion presently in western societies based on mores of a different era. Confusion in determining how to deal with this contemporary phenomenon. I would say there is a lot of hypocrisy involve in the debate on how best to address this phenomenon of changing mores in societies.

Parents are finding it more difficult to meet traditional practices with contemporary practices, where the females are exercising their rights to be free to choose their own destiny, their own career, their own mate or mates. The religious and cultural leaders are not much help in helping parents that still subscribe to traditional customs and practices to adapt to contemporary realities. Even in societies where parents still practice selecting the mate for their children is finding it difficult due to the imbalance in the genders, more females than males, the male pool is quite limited, without factoring in the new social acceptance of homosexuality in society where many males are opting to be homosexual reducing the available male pool for females seeking a male partner. So we are seeing a proliferation of homosexuals, both female and male. It is quite a challenge to many conservatives to accept the modern prevailing acceptance of the new wave of homosexuality in society, whatever the causes of justification.

I personally think and propose that theologians, social scientists and other cultural leaders begin to address this contemporary phenomenon fort rightly. Not necessarily from an historical perspective but from a contemporary realization of where we as a human race find ourselves. We need to make practical adjustment to our social standard that would help provide some guidance to bewildered parents who needs help in addressing this contemporary phenomenon. Should choose the mate for my children or just provide them with guidelines for choosing a mate? Should I accept homosexuality in my family, what are the practical implications of such a practice? Personally, I judge no one, I hold on to my personal value system and would not allow any imposition on my life standard and choices. I alone is responsible for my choices, I hold no one else responsible for my choices, I accept the consequences of my choices, of my acts. I decide to each their own, each have to the right to their own poison with contaminating others with their choices. I believe I can coexist with others who are different to me, that have a different life style to mine, as long as they respect my space, my choices, I will respect theirs.

Addressing the imbalance between the genders, I believe from a basic philosophic perspective, being pragmatic, we should allow official polygamy with practical rules that should be translated into laws that will govern contemporary society. If we apply the christian basic tenet of love for the Creator and love for all of God’s creatures, it should not be difficult to love more than one mate, once the natural selfishness is under control and love controls our every action. if we consider who benefits from polygamy, society. It would address the imbalance between the genders once love is the prevailing factor and selfishness is subdued, controlled. If we could aspire for a balanced life we would be mostly happy and make others happy as well, when there is balance, harmony in our relations. In a relation where each member look out for the others that would fulfill the christian precept of love for God and all others, including oneself.

I herein submit these thoughts for considerations of all thinking, reasoning people, to consider it’s implications, it’s practicality, the benefits to our society. The order it would bring to the present disorder due to hypocrisy and inconsistency of our current leaders, religious and academic. Jesus Christ taught us that the greatest commandment: Love God above all other and our fellow humans like ourselves. The operative precept is love, love of God Creator, love of fellow humans and love of self. All our actions should be guided by LOVE.

Brother Jorestemac
Panama City, Panama
June 7, 2020.

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