Praises to God Almighty # 8

All praises are due to God almighty, our Creator
With great gratitude I praise Thee God as I awaken
To see this new day, as hear the birds chirping
and feel the morning breezes
My limbs are mobile, I quench my thirst with water
I can read the words in the scriptures
and understand their meaning
I thank you o God for Thy mercies which endureth
I ask that Thy mercies be extended to my love ones
To all who look to Thee for their salvation
To all who seek Thy truth and wisdom, Thy guidance
I ask o God for Thy protection from harm
I ask for Thy deliverance from evil
I ask for Your restoration of my health
Purify my body, mind and soul
I seek to learn Thy truth, to follow in the path
That is laid out for me, I commit my life to Thee
To Thy service I am committed o God
I shall continue to praise Thee in the morning time,
At noontime, in the evening and the night time
I will continue to wait on Thee, o Lord

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