Praises to God

I am happy oh God for Thy forgiveness,
that my transgressions are forgiven.
Thy mercy, Thy love oh God encompasses me,
now I am counted as one of Thy redeemed children.
Glory haleluya, praises are due Thee oh my God,
Thou alone are worthy to be praised continually.
In the morning I praise Thee, at noon time I praise Thee,
in the night time I praise Thee, all day long I praise Thee.
I thank God for the truth, God is truth,
I thank God for love, God is love.
Because of Thy love oh God I now can forgive,
I can now forget the offenses against me;
I am free because of Thy love that absorbed me,
I can now share Thy love with others, even with my detractors.
I am bound only to Thee oh God, the only Creator,
Thy grace have kept me from falling in to the abyss.
Thy love oh God have given me the strength to overcome sin,
Thou have been my shield against the fiery darts of the enemy,
Thou art my bulwark that protects me from the deadly pestilence,
Sin is the deadly pestilence that seeks to destroy me.
All thanks are due Thee for Thy Holy Spirit,
Thy Holy Spirit found abode in my heart,
Thou have helped me, Thou have cleanse my heart of sin
Now Thy Holy Spirit abide in my clean heart.
Thy presence is always present in my life
I seek Thy guidance to do Thy will in my life,
Thy will o God I do seek, my life is in Thy hands
Guide me to the rock that is higher than I,
That I may see the promises that Thou have reserved
for those that fulfill Thy will. I seek to do Thy will o God.
I am committed to serving Thee o God for the rest of
my journey in this life, with hopes of being with you
eternally in the heavens. God be praised with thanksgiving.

Bro. Jorestemac
St. Thomas,USVI.
March 11, 2012

(Biblical references: Psalm 32,33,34.)

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