Psalm # 39

How fortunate are those who the Lord forgave their sins.
Who the Lord has erase all their transgressions.
How fortunate are those who the Lord imputes no sin,
Who have been forgiven of their sins.
The Lord do not consider their evil deeds no more.
He allows them to be free of past iniquities and give
Them the opportunity to restart their lives on a new level,
The Lord accepted my confession of my sins,
He examined my contrite heart and forgave me.
Glory aleluya, I have been freed of my sins.
The Lord is my light and my salvation,
I shall fear no one, God’s love cast out all fears.
When my detractors try to harm me, to ridicule me,
My Lord shall lift me up on a pedestal, above my enemies.
One thing I have asked of the Lord, one thing I pursue,
To inhabit the house of the Lord continually,
All the days of my life and contemplate His beauty.
I will renew myself in His temple; and be protected.
The Lord shall protect me and allow me to resist
The enemies of my soul, all those who seek my fall.
In front of my enemies, my detractors I will praise Him,
I will sing praises and bring my gifts in His temple.
One thing I am assured of, God will not abandon me,
He is the God of my salvation.
Even if my mother and father abandon me
The Lord will receive me in His arms, He will guide me
In the path of His righteousness.
Glory aleluya, God reigns in my life. Amen.

Hmno. Jorestemac
January 3, 2014.
Panama, Rep. Panama

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