Psalm #8

I call on the Lord my God, my Creator.
Father hear my plea, do not close Thy hearing
To my cry, to my yearning for Thy blessings.
When I awake in the morning time I think of Thee,
At noon time I think of Thee, in the evening time I think
of my Lord, I am grateful for the breathe of life that
I have received from Thee o God almighty, continually.
Who is like my God, who can save me from my own sins?
My redeemer is nigh unto me, my redeemer lives.
The Son of God my redeemer lives, I know he lives,
He lives in me, the Holy Spirit lives in me,
glory alleluya He lives in me, He walks with me,
He talks with me and I with Him, glory alleluya
He lives! Amen.

Bro. Jorestemac
Panama City, Panama.
March 14, 2013.

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