Psalm #9

I will worship my God in His temple, in the wilderness
by the sea shore, on the mountain, in the valley.
I will worship the Lord wherever I am found.
My God is worthy to be praised in the morning
at noontime, in the evening time, at anytime,
Praises are due to my Lord and King.
He Who allow the sun to set and the moon to rise,
He who scattered the stars and planets in the universe,
He Who keeps everything in their places,
Can and will certainly keep me from falling.
If I would only be steadfast in my faith and serve
my God faithfully, if I do His will continually,
He, my Father will protect me from the enemy.
My enemies are about me, they are waiting for my fall.
My faith and hope is in the Lord of lords Who
Will give me the victory time and time again.
He will not allow them to overwhelm me,
Neither will He allow them to destroy me.
Glory to God, my God and Father
Who will give me the victory over my adversaries.
Come taste the Lord’s love which endures forever,
His faithfulness is for all generations who seek Him.

Bro. Jorestemac
Panama City, Panama.
March 14, 2013.

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