Psalms of Praise # 6

I cried out to God the Father, He heard my cry,
I asked for mercy, for healing, for restoration of health;
My God heard me, by faith I will be healed and restored.
All who believe in God, in His love and compassion,
seeks His forgiveness and blessings in faith
And they shall be granted in full measure.
Only believe in God’s grace, He is always near.
God, my God is only a prayer away,
He is not in some distant mountain or planet.
God abides in the hearts of His children,
in the hearts of those who seeks His redemption,
In the hearts of those who have accepted the Son.
All those who have been redeemed through the works
of the Son, those who have been cleanse of their sins,
They are the ones who receives the Holy Spirit of God.
As it is written the Comforter will come and abide in us,
In the faithful who have been redeemed by God.
We must allow the love of God to flow through us,
we must share the love of God with His creation,
With His creatures, with all humankind.
All who have hearing let them hear, all who have
Understanding let them understand, God cannot be fooled.
It is better to be honest with oneself and seek God’s
Forgiveness than to waste away in falsehood.
I will continue to praise God the Father, God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit, amen.

Hmno. Jorestemac
St. Thomas, USVI.
June 10, 2012.

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